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Hi. I am a native Chinese who's been living in Switzerland for 10+ years.

I studied Scenic Painting* & worked as a scenic painter at Theatre Basel. Then I enrolled to Scientific Illustration at ZHdK and transferred my study later to Design. I graduated form HSLU with a Master of Art degree in Design.

Currently, I’m working as an illustrator, graphic- & web designer on a freelance basis.
I exhibit my paintings & artworks occasionally. The latest was duo-exhibition: "Verzerrungen—Grenzen" with artist Lisa Hutter Schwahn, by Krämerhuus Langenthal, between 24. October and 14. November 2015.
As a self-taught programmer, I focus on the web front-end development & continue honing my skills by practice.

I strive to combine design disciplines with programming technologies, passion with logic to make great stuff.


Project: Portraits of the winners—oil paintings for red dot design award, 2012/13

selected red dot portraits 2013

"Art For Design": These are the portraits I've made for Red Dot Design Award event in Basel, 2012/13. I've never met any of the designers personally. All my paintings were based on the photocopies of themselvs sent to me.

  • Project: Manor Kids(5–8) T-Shirts
  • Keywords: Hand-draw-style, realistic, friendly, Witty
  • Medium: Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator
  • Location: Zurich, Switzerland
  • Date: Nov. 2014


Kidswear, Tshirts printdesign & illustration, new collection for upcoming season of spring/summer, "Forest animals" as the given theme. The animals must have distinguishable characters.

  • Subject: Scientific Visualization
  • Keywords: natural objects, animals, archaeological objects
  • Medium: mixed techniques, diverse materials
  • Location: Zurich, Switzerland
  • Date: 2008–2009


Some works made during my Scientific Visualization Study.

  • Project: "Augenblicke" ("Moments" in English)
  • Keywords: Time, Moments, Snapshots, Memories
  • Medium: mixed techniques
  • Location: Zurich, Switzerland
  • Date: 2010–2012


What is time? What is a moment? How do we memorize? What will be remembered later? Why would I paint if I can just use a camera to capture anything? How to visualize a moment without telling any specific stories? How do people respond to the representation of someone else's moments?

  • Project: The 3rd Eye—Fall/Winter, 16/17
  • Keywords: Illustrations for Fashion Designers, sportswear
  • Medium: Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator
  • Location: Zurich, Switzerland
  • Date: Nov. 2014


Digital drawings/illustrations for fashion design catalogue/trend forcasts: "The 3rd Eye". Create and visualize the realistic scenes for each new collection for the future.

Graphic Design



The structure, the presentation & the functionality are the cardinal concerns of my work. I specialize in web front-end development, jointing together technologies with asthetics & design principles. This unique combination of various competencies allows me to create and to serve digital products at new level of quality and efficiency.

  • pseudo-gradient-rotation in a hexagon
  • patterns built with css3
  • presentation c++ using reveal.js
  • draw with turtle (coming soon…)
  • other showcases (coming soon…)